The full name of Xingfa Group is Zhejiang Xingfa Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd. We are leading

Polyester Filament Yarn manufacturers, suppliers and factory in China

, we produce type of Polyester yarn such as POY, DTY, recycled yarn, viscose yar andand other yarn like spandex air covered yarn(ACY). Company located in the largest distribution center of textile raw materials in China - China Textile Raw Materials City.

After nearly 30 years of steady development, the group's main business has three trading companies and three production entities, and has become a leading enterprise in the textile raw material industry in Xiaoshao area and a weather vane of market conditions...

  • 200,000TONS


  • 200+


  • 50+


  • 1000+


  • Environment

    Committed to contributing to the environmental career, we insist on reducing pollution during production and have developed our own environmentally friendly recycled fibers.

  • Production

    We have our own production workshops and warehouses, equipped with complete production and quality inspection equipment.

  • R&D

    With a professional R & D team and R & D center, we can continue to provide new products with higher cost performance, and each year we can independently developed about 10 products.

  • Warehousing

    We currently have 50,000 square metres for storing 60,000 tonnes of products, so we can meet the needs of customers with different order volumes and deliver goods to their location as quickly as possible.

  • Quality testing

    We strictly select quality raw material suppliers. Each production process has quality control, and the final product has quality control 100% inspection before packaging.


Based on the industrial development direction of Yuecheng District, the park takes digital economy, biomedicine and intelligent manufacturing as the leading industries, and lays out a closed-loop industrial chain around "chain building, supplementary chain, and strong chain", and introduces upstream and downstream supporting industries to incubate, research and develop design, testing, inspection and testing, production and other links, to create a new industrial the complex integrating R&D office, creative design, high-end intelligent manufacturing, and living facilities.

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